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Sail Training Options

The CYC Sail Training Centre manages, maintains and operates four Hunter Sonatas to deliver RYA qualifications.

Allied to the Centre are the Sonata activity groups: Women on the Water, Blokes on Boats, and Sunday Sonata Sailing where members can consolidate and enjoy their skills.  All groups operate the same safety and training protocols coordinated from the Training Centre. Skills for RYA qualifications can be identified and practised.

The CYC Sail Training Centre offers the following RYA courses:

Level 1 Start Sailing

Aim: To enjoy basic skills under relaxed tuition

Content: Basic practical elements

Assessment: Demonstrate the skill whilst being taught

Level 2 Basic Skills

Aim: To sail the boat after tuition without additional input from the Instructor

Content: Rig the boat; sail a triangular course; pick up a mooring/MOB; come alongside a pontoon or moored boat.

Assessment: Continuous, showing an awareness of the ‘Five Essentials’.  Safe, sound judgement is of a higher priority than perfect sail setting.  Theory sections can be answered orally.

Level 3 Better Sailing

Aim: To practice and be coached on the techniques and skills introduced in L1 and L2 and to be introduced to taster sessions of some new techniques from the advanced modules.

Content: Improve skills and practice the ‘Five Essentials’.  Taster sessions from the advanced modules such as Sailing with Spinnakers or Seamanship.

Assessment: By the end of the course the sailor should be able to sail confidently without an Instructor on board in light to moderate breezes and have developed a better technical competence of basic skills.

Seamanship Skills

Aim: To be able to carry out seamanship techniques in moderate wind conditions

Content: Often considered to be the ‘stopping’ skills eg coming alongside a jetty/vessel, MOB, anchoring, heaving to, reefing afloat.

Assessment: Continuous.  Although students are not expected to demonstrate the skills first time, every time, a degree of understanding and consistency is expected.  Learning is supported by teaching materials.

Sailing with Spinnakers*

Aim: To be able successfully to use a symmetrical spinnaker.

Content: Preparation and rigging the spinnaker; hoist/drop techniques; gybing; trimming whilst underway.

Assessment: Based mainly on understanding of the techniques.  Instructors will provide intensive input and practice to improve students’ performance.

Day Sailing*

Aim: To be able to plan and embark upon a short day cruise.

Content: Planning the cruise using relevant information and materials relating to charts, tides and weather.

Assessment: Continuous, based on the success of the plan and trip.  Any aspects not able to be covered will be judged by an oral session ashore.

Start Racing*

Aim: To provide knowledge, skills and confidence to the novice racer from a club environment.

Content: The start line; starting and finishing; effective upwind sailing, mark rounding; effective downwind sailing; racing rules.

Assessment: An understanding and awareness of basic obligations to others and able to control the boat around the course in light to moderate conditions.


*Pending RYA approval

Women on the Water

The WOW group welcomes women who enjoy an inclusive yet challenging opportunity to develop sailing skills, particularly when progressing through training courses.

WOW Coordinator: Lesley Hastie

Blokes on Boats

BOB provides enjoyable group sailing, mixing experience with those developing and consolidating their skills, particularly when progressing through training courses.

BOB Coordinator: Peter Coupland

Sunday Sonata Sailing

SSS is particularly attractive to those members who can only sail at weekends, and do not yet own their own boat.  Coordinated from the Training Centre, and using the same safety protocols, SSS can enable those progressing through training courses some invaluable time on the water.

SSS Coordinator: Peter Coupland

Sonatas are able to be booked by Club members for racing or cruising via the Training Centre.


Principal: Susan Westward

Chief Instructor: Jane Long

Bosun: Pat Tanner