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For racing enthusiasts…RYAYTC

CYC has adopted the RYAYTC (yacht time correction) as our handicap/rating system for 2024 races in place of the CYC local handicap system.

To obtain an RYAYTC 2024 rating, your vessel’s details have to be submitted to the RYAYTC website. The good news is that this is totally free, but you will require your boat’s data (dimensions, weight, sail area etc.) to complete the application.

Some owners have found it difficult to get accurate sail dimensions for their vessel. To help we are proposing a sail measuring day, indoors, at the Club on Sat. 20 January 2024 – all day.

Skippers, please let me know if this is of interest to you by texting me on mob. 07970 637577. It would be helpful if you could register your interest sooner rather than later.

The rules of RYAYTC state that you can use manufacturers’ published data, but not data published by sites such as ‘Sail data’, which are often inaccurate.

If you had a 2023 RYAYTC figure and have not made any changes for2024, the re application simply requires you to state your vessel’s spec. is unchanged.

For info, the RYA say that there are now 1600 vessels in the UK registered on the RYAYTC rating system, which is endorsed and supported by RORC.

Any questions please feel free to text me.

Bruce Long

Poop Deck
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